Hello (again) world!

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The first iteration of Digital Farm was calved in 1996. ?We lived on the cutting edge of digital video technology, which at that time meant non-linear editing, motion graphics, and DVD. ?We became internationally-recognized experts in the DVD?world and created some very successful?applications, which led to an acquisition by an up-and-coming game company and entry into the corporate life.
But I knew someday I’d?be back. After working with another games startup, where we created mobile and Facebook apps, eventually I figured out that?I?wanted to do more than just games, and I wanted to help other entrepreneurs discover the?power of mobile. Power that?can?put businesses and?brands?into their customers’ hands every time they?walk out the door (and sometimes?when they’re still inside).

Today, Digital Farm has been reimagined and refocused on helping small business owners with their mobile marketing needs.

It’s simple — we?want to help?your?business. ?We want to take the stress of technology decisions and implementations off your plate. ?We want to bring our more than 25 years of experience?in the digital media industry?to bear on your project — efficiently and affordably.


We’re not just producers, technologists, developers, designers or editors. We look at your project and your business holistically so that you get not just the?thing?but the?results?you really need.
Think of us as your Digital Consultants or your Executive Producers. We?know how to create what you need, and?understand why you need it.
Welcome back to Digital Farm. We look forward to helping your business grow.