Washington Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bill Kuper legal, professional services, website

This was a spec site for a Seattle attorney and his bankruptcy practice. ?It was a complete re-work of his outdated site to be mobile-friendly with responsive design, and extensive copy-editing to be more SEO-friendly as well.

Lync Love

Bill Kuper corporate, marketing, motion graphics

This piece was created for marketing consultant?Trish Horner at HTO, and?her Microsoft client . ?It was used for a trade show to garner attention for the Lync line of communication products, showcasing several different groups and how much they love the Lync product. We provided art direction, motion graphics, video editing, sound editing, and music. ?Although the graphics and the …

Nintex Trade Show

Bill Kuper corporate, marketing, motion graphics

Here’s another piece for our good friends at HTO and their client, Nintex. ?Nintex used this and a number of similar pieces looping on monitors throughout their booth at the show to grab attention of passersby. We provided creative direction, video editing, graphics, animation, and sound. ?The challenge was to stay within the client’s brand and style guide as much …

JT Architecture

Bill Kuper professional services, website

This Seattle-based architect needed a facelift for his site, which many potential clients would use to see his work. His old site was not mobile-friendly, and also needed a better way to organize and display all of his work. ?So we updated things with a responsive theme, organized his portfolio into main categories and sub-categories, and the result is a …

Over Gasworks

Bill Kuper aerial

I’ve always dreamed of flying at low altitude over my surroundings, but in my dreams I usually had to flap my arms to stay in the air. ?So imagine my excitement when drone technology started to become affordable for professional-quality video, giving me virtual wings to make pictures from the sky. I’m a bit of an early adopter when it …

Canopy Tours NW website

Bill Kuper tour operator, website

CanopyTours Northwest is a great recreational business on Camano Island, Washington. ?Their website had served them well through their initial growth, but it wasn’t responsive, and knowing that many of their customers were using mobile devices to visit their site, it was time for an upgrade. So Digital Farm created a new site that is much easier to navigate on …

Suncadia Family Portrait

Bill Kuper marketing

Suncadia wanted to profile some families who lived or spent significant amount of time there, so that viewers could get a better sense of what life would be like if they decided to purchase a home or lot. I?interviewed the Walkers and asked them what they loved most about the resort, and incorporated some existing b-roll as well as some …

NC Bankruptcy Law

Bill Kuper legal, professional services, website

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Suncadia Resort Overview

Bill Kuper corporate, marketing

This video was produced to give visitors to Suncadia, a resort in Washington state, a sense of what it really is all about. ?I interviewed key managers and stakeholders, incorporated existing b-roll, and shot some new b-roll. ?Where I?didn’t have b-roll I?used photos from the resort’s collection. Then I added new intro graphics, titles, and some music to enhance the …

Canopy Tours Northwest

Bill Kuper marketing

This was an accidental project of sorts. ?A friend of mine is involved with this tour company, Canopy Tours Northwest, and asked me if my family would like to be early testers of their new zipline tour. ?Of course we agreed as I knew they would be very safety-conscious and it would be fun for the family. Just for grins …