Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

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Not every business needs a mobile app. Many just need a?responsive, mobile-friendly website. ?But there are some businesses that could benefit tremendously from a dedicated app in addition to a website, because a native app can add features that are mobile-specific — that means putting your business in your?customers’ pockets.

Mobile features that an app can provide beyond a website may include:

  • One-touch click-to-call (using the phone function)
  • One-touch directions (using the GPS function)
  • Digital loyalty cards
  • Geo-fenced Push Notifications

Push Notifications are the most exciting?benefit, in my opinion. ?Those little notices that pop up on your phone have an extremely high open rate, far beyond email or even SMS marketing. ?And now with the benefit of geo-fencing, businesses can send notifications to customers when they enter a certain geographic area. ?Imagine a restaurant that sends out a notice at 3:00pm so that everyone who has their app and is within their radius– or enters that radius– gets a note about their “Happy Hour Oyster Special Today.” ?It’s powerful because it re-engages an existing customer, and can be a gentle reminder to pop in since they are already nearby!

Of course, restaurants aren’t the only business type that can benefit from an app. But because they can also use some of the other mobile benefits, such as online menus and ordering, they are instantly a great candidate. ?Do you have a business or know a business that could use an app? ?Fill out our short form ?for a Free Demo and we can show you exactly how an app for your business could look!