Inspire 1 gear down

How the New Inspire 1 Drone Raises Videography to a New Level

digitalfarmAerial, Cool, Video

Aerial photography and videography has quite literally taken off over the past 18 months. ?A big part of this movement was the introduction of the DJI Phantom, a low-cost quadcopter that allowed filmmakers to mount a GoPro onto it and shoot amazing photos and videos from new perspectives. Yesterday DJI introduced a new model that raises the bar again, yet …

My Favorite Moments of World Domination

Bill KuperCool, Food for thought, Life

How do we live?a remarkable life in a conventional world? That’s what the World Domination Summit is all about (it’s not a convention for Dr. Evil wannabes). ?I recently returned from Portland, OR, where the fourth annual WDS was held, and?what an inspiring event?it was. The gathering of 3000 attendees describes its mission as Community, Adventure, and Service. ?This description …